Revantage Europe, N°8 Large Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023

 Revantage Europe, N°8 Large Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023

Revantage Europe has been awarded Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023 for the first time (N°8 - Large Companies category). Let's meet with the Executive Management team (Jean Francois Bossy, Diana Hoffmann, Paul-Alexandre Rischard, Ingrid Astrauskas, Dorota Roch, Michael Dietrich, Elijah Kanevskiy, Veronique Truffaut) and discover how they create a great workplace culture with and for their employees.

How do you create a unique environment for your employees?

Focus on people first, as people are our greatest asset. This core philosophy applies at all levels of our organization - from one-to-one interactions around the coffee machine to forward-thinking and pragmatic policies. In practice, this translates to the design of our office space, the rolling out of employee engagement initiatives, and emphasizing flexibility in our day-to-day as well as personalized development on an individual level.

How do you combine freedom, autonomy and trust?

We believe that any successful company has to have trust as a foundational component of their people management strategy. That starts with identifying the right people, putting in the time and effort to develop them, providing them with leadership opportunities, and ultimately giving them the freedom and autonomy to flourish and reward that trust.

According to you, what is the secret to be on the Best Workplaces™ List?

In our view it comes down to being open to our employees’ ideas and feedback, to being transparent with them as to our vision and goals, and ultimately being willing to continuously evolve as a company. Constructive and honest feedback is what made us who we are today.

What is the impact of the Great Place To Work® recognition program on the retention and attraction of your talents?

We are truly humbled to receive this recognition as it is a clear and objective public acknowledgment of the company we’ve strived to be. The GPTW certification is carried by our employees as a badge of honor and hopefully will shed a light on who we are for the future talents who may look to join us on our journey.

What is your 2023 HR priority?

Within challenging macroeconomic trends, our priority is to provide our people with a stable, comfortable, and nevertheless dynamic environment by further focusing on personal development and equipping our teams with the tools to succeed, and to make sure we remain a truly great place to work!

Fast & Curious

We’ve asked our Executive Management team for their vote, as differing but complementary views leads to healthy debate and only makes us stronger.

Team or individual project? Team 100%

Leader or manager? Leader 100%

Working early or late? Early 60%, late 40%

To do (list) or not to do? To do list 100%

Act or think? Act 40%, think 60%

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