ONE, N°2 Medium Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023

 ONE, N°2 Medium Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023

ONE group solutions has been awarded Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2023 for the first time (N°2 - Medium Companies category). Let's meet with Steve Bernat, Founding Partner at ONE, and discover how they create a great workplace culture with and for their employees.

How do you create a unique environment for your employees?

We want to succeed as ONE team. Everyone is a shareholder in the company, we don’t have corporate titles and we all share one office space. We are all ONE!

How do you combine freedom, autonomy and trust?

We trust our people and have given everyone a stake in the business. Every single team member has the freedom and autonomy to excel at what they do best, as everyone sees the benefit of long-term value creation for the firm, themselves and our clients.

According to you, what is the secret to be on the Best Workplaces™ List?

Be authentic, be honest, be fair, be transparent, have fun, be passionate about everything you do.

What is the impact of the Great Place To Work® recognition program on the retention and attraction of your talents?

What better recognition can you get than your team telling you that they enjoy coming to work!

What is your 2023 HR priority?

We have grown from 10 to 65 employees in three years and expect to expand at the same pace in the months and years to come. Our key focus will be to continue to cultivate an environment where our people display a “can-do” attitude, with an attractive workplace where they want to excel and grow, both as individuals and as a team.

Fast & Curious

Team or individual project?


Leader or manager?


Working early or late?

Definitely Late!

To do (list) or not to do?

A little bit of structure is good…

Act or think?


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