Europe Best Workplaces Report 2020

Europe Best Workplaces Report 2020

What makes Europe's Best Workplaces™? It's certainly not something that we can boil down easily. How a worker views their place of business depends on several factors, from how management interacts with day to day to how the company looks after their needs and communicates their issues.

It's a complicated enough question in a normal year, but as we all know, 2020 has been anything but normal. The impact of COVID-19 on the continent has not only reshaped how workers are doing their job, but it has also profoundly changed the workplace dynamic.

At Great Place to Work® we've seen first-hand the enormous stresses this pandemic has placed on the everyday relationships that make workplaces tick. As organisations have scrambled to adapt to lockdowns and home working, managers and employees have worked together to implement new practices, cultures and procedures that protect staff members from the virus and put wellbeing first. So, if you forced us to pick one, vital factor that makes a great place to work in 2020, then we would choose a caring environment. For, if the pandemic has proven anything, it's that trust is the bedrock to success. It's the factor that guarantees that employees always give their best, and everyone works to secure a company's future.
94% of employees in the Best Workplaces™ say their
company is a great place to work.
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