Encounter with Arthur Meulman, General Manager at

 Encounter with Arthur Meulman, General Manager at
Arthur Meulman, General Manager at

Partner of the 12th edition of the Great Place to Work Conference and Ceremony Luxembourg 2022, answered some questions 


  • Could you tell us a little about yourself and your activity briefly?

Launched in January 2007, has established itself as one of the main digital recruitment platforms on the Luxembourg market. A combination of high-quality services for recruiters and in-depth knowledge of the market makes the gold standard when it comes to online recruitment in Luxembourg. Since November 2013, has been part of StepStone (a company belonging to the German group Axel Springer SE), which offers recruitment solutions for clients in Luxembourg and +135 other countries around the world. With a local and multilingual team, helps companies operating locally to find the right candidate at the right time and helps job seekers find their dream job in Luxembourg.

  • Have you put in place actions to ensure good working conditions for your employees?

We consider the wellbeing of our employees as one of our main internal focus points. For this reason, decided to continue with flexible working hours with the option of working from home a few times a week.

Furthermore, regular team building activities are held, to ensure constant communication, improve problem solving and challenge collaboration. The working environment is part of a good workplace culture.

Therefore’s office has recently been redecorated, with modern and functional furniture, new lighting, and a new break area to improve work comfort. A big focus was put on a positive color scheme in the whole renovation process, to enhance internal motivation.

  • Do you feel a general change in the behavior of job seekers and recruiters?

It is a fact that the Covid-19 pandemic has been a life-changing experience for both employees and recruiters. The demand from professionals for fewer working-hours and more flexibility at work is constantly increasing. We also know that the number of burn-out and bored-out cases are multiplying. People are reevaluating for whom they work, how they work, and where they work.

On the other hand, recruitment and retention of talents is becoming the number one challenge for employers — They need to adapt to these new standards and to be competitive in terms of well-being, trainings, and benefits, in order to survive the upcoming “war for talent”.

  • What does the Luxembourg job market look like these days?

The Luxembourgish job market is a reflection of what is currently happening worldwide: we can see a drastic increase in job offers, and on the other hand, the unemployment rate is exceptionally low (currently at 4.9%) It will still decrease, and alrealdy stands below the European average.

This dysfunction will only widen in the following years, and the number of cross-border and foreign workers will not be enough to fill this gap. Globally, this phenomenon will represent a loss of 7.2 trillion euros, which will have its impact on Luxembourg as well.

  • How have you supported your clients over the past few months?

As recruitment experts, at we support our clients with all their recruitment needs and do not only publish job offers. Through our website we help to broaden the visibility of our clients' ads, with the option of publishing the offer in the Greater Region such as Belgium, France or Germany or even worldwide through our collaboration with various international partners.

If clients are looking for a candidate today, we will make sure to be their partner during the existing and rising “war for talent” and simplify their search for staff through our platform.

  • What role does the human element play in your business?

At the human element plays a key role. For us as a company, close and direct contact with our clients is essential. We make sure that our Sales department and our Customer Success team are our customers' direct touchpoint and provide them with right insights.

On the other side, professionals looking for job opportunities are at the heart of our business — Therefore, we aim to support them in the research of their dream jobs.

Finally, within team, everyone is seen as an individual and accepted the way they are. Different strengths and interests are supported, and tailored growing opportunities within are granted.

  • What is the next best HR practice you would like to implement?

At providing job security to our employees, training their individual skills, and making information easily accessible to everyone is fundamental. The previous years taught us that you never know what will happen tomorrow– Nevertheless, we will make sure to learn from this experience to continually improve our employee experience thanks to regular internal surveys and feedback.

Business transparency is fundamental to build trust and employer engagement, which we know was a big issue post-lockdown and after months of home office for many companies. We can see a lot of current trends, for example the 4-days' workweek. However, improving existing weaknesses to make your employee flourish in your workplace should come first.

  • What are your tips to ensure employees' well-being?

Employees are looking for more than just financial incentives and therefore we put a high importance on different dimensions of well-being.

Supporting employees in their physical well-being through adapting the working environment to each individual's situation is a crucial factor companies need to adapt to. Social well-being needs to be granted by an open-door policy and interaction inside the team. Constant communication and adaptability to change next to other emotional factors should always be monitored as well. Especially during times of working from home direct feedback is more essential than ever.

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