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An international company with some 60 employees of 19 different nationalities, Wavestone is a consulting firm specialised in digital transformation; we work with clients from various industries (finance, European institutions, manufacturing) to resolve challenges across functions (digital transformation, compliance, cybersecurity).


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"Wavestone is an organization that support all its employees professionally and personally through giving constant feedback and investing in permanent trainings, conferences, talks etc. Moreover, Wavestone gives the opportunity to their employees to conduct projects to improve the growth of Wavestone as an organization, reflecting the practice commitment to “The Positive Way""

Alicia Magnanon

Consultant - Innovation Management & Funding

"Wavestone’s main achieved challenges are the good culture fit, its innovative environment, the investment in employees and an effective organizational structure. Personally, I think that these company policies such as smart working, constants feedbacks & work-life balance might help to grow our professional potential."

Pau Arboli

Analyst - Innovation Management & Funding

"Wavestone is a Great Place To Work where: Management trusts their employees; Work life balance is observed; Equity prevails. Wavestone is also grateful towards their employees for their work."

Alexis Bourrachot

Consultant - Financial Services

"There is a strong and positive-minded team of leaders at the helm of Wavestone Luxembourg, reflecting the practice’s commitment to “The Positive Way”. On the note of feeling valued, Wavestone Luxembourg’s inclusiveness is highly commendable. Finally, Wavestone listens to employees, makes them feel seen and heard, and reacts quickly to challenges as they arise."

Clare O'Donohoe

Consultant - European Services

"In my opinion, Wavestone is a great place to work because it can value its main resources, us. Employees are supported throughout their entire careers with personalized assistance to develop their skills and engage in projects close to their interests. Thanks to Wavestone’s CSR approach, all the employees are committed to a high level of business ethics and preventing any other form of fraud or illicit practice."

Federico Chiarelli

Senior Consultant - European Services

"At Wavestone Luxembourg all relevant matters find a place and a time to be discussed, in the most transparent way. There is a lot of solidarity between colleagues, which reflects in reciprocal trust and in a way of working that is sustainable."

Eleonora Zoboli

Manager - European Services

Culture d’entreprise chez Wavestone

Comparaison des résultats avec un benchmark au Luxembourg

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80% des employés chez Wavestone considèrent que c'est une entreprise où il fait bon travailler comparé à 57% des employés du benchmark

  • Wavestone
  • 80%
  • Sociétés du benchmark
  • 57%

Benchmark : Pourcentage d’employés affirmant qu’il fait souvent ou presque toujours bon travailler dans leur entreprise. Étude réalisée dans 13 pays européens en 2021.

When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome.
Management trusts people to do a good job without watching over their shoulders.
I am able to take time off from work when I think it's necessary.
I feel good about the ways in which we contribute to the community.
I am treated as a full member here regardless of my position.

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