Interview Aviva Investors : #1 Best Workplace Luxembourg (Small Companies)

Interview Aviva Investors : #1 Best Workplace Luxembourg (Small Companies)

We interviewed Alison Eisenbarth, HR & Facilities Manager from Aviva Investors Luxembourg after it has been ranked first Best Workplace Luxembourg in the Small Companies category.

The quality you need to become and remain a Best Workplace:

It is essential for us to maintain the work-life balance as high as possible for our employees. We have adapted our IT solution in order to give employees the ability to work from home.

On a daily basis, we have implemented a flexible day to allow a flexible starting and finishing time.

Your flagship HR practice:

Pushing people beyond their comfort zone.

Concretely this means that we are giving them a chance to be promoted into a new role as much as we can. We are also giving a large autonomy to the employees themselves in order to empower them.

Your definition of « well-being at work »:

Well-being at work means feeling free to give your own opinion and ideas with the management/colleagues to improve work and have a right balance between private life and work life.

Keywords: open communication, respect and honesty.

The time of the year that gathers your co-workers:

The Leisure Committee, walking by hand with the CSR Committee, is trying to organise different types of events throughout the year (we are trying to have activities, at least, once per quarter): seasonal lunch, family event, internal challenges, bowling, international lunch, etc.

The method to retain your co-workers:

We recognize the efforts by giving local and global prizes to the employees.

The major action is to propose trainings/mentoring/coaching offers to our employees every year.

The quality to be a good manager:

A good manager is a manager who respects and connects with others on a human level and inspires loyalty. He holds the vision for the collective team and moves the team closer to the end result.

The managers should be able to give the relative autonomy to their employees in order to let them expand their knowledge, but at the same time should be present to reassure and advise them.

The value that represents the best your corporate culture:

Never rest. We are always encouraging people for improvements.

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