Fast&Curious Best Workplaces: Meeting with GSK Stockmann

 Fast&Curious Best Workplaces: Meeting with GSK Stockmann

GSK Stockmann, an independent corporate law firm, has just been awarded Best Workplaces™ Luxembourg 2021 for the first time and is ranked 2nd in the Small Companies Category. For the first Fast&Curious interview of the year, we meet Dr. Philipp Mössner, HR Partner at GSK Stockmann Luxembourg.

What was the greatest strength of your organization to overcome this past year?

The greatest strength of our organization is our team of which we are very proud of and which performed exceptionally well during this past year. Our entire team – including lawyers, business services and back office staff – is equipped with laptops and smartphones, enabling the entire firm to work remotely. This has been an established way of working at the firm for some time and this technological investment has proven to be crucial since day one of the Covid-19 crisis. Our team members were able to work remotely without any business disruptions to our clients.

What flagship action did you implement for your employees in 2020-2021?

Our employer branding is an important aspect. Unlike most law firms we do not impose minimum billable hours on our lawyers. Combined with our focus on culture we have top staff satisfaction and very low staff turnover helping us attract and retain top talent, and continually providing our clients with the highest quality of service.

What does a typical day look like since you adapted our working methods?

  • 08:30 Coffee and checking and answering emails that I received overnight as well as several calls
  • 10:00 Team meeting in which we discuss the relevant topics and transactions
  • 11:30 Conference call with GSK colleagues to discuss the forthcoming roadshow with US firms
  • 13:00 Lunch with a client
  • 14:30 Conference calls with clients on current transactions together with members of my team
  • 17:00 Internal meeting
  • 18:00 Conference call with a US client followed by reviewing and signing-off documents
  • 21:00 Checking and answering emails as basis for the next day

What aspects/practices would you like to maintain in the future?

We will definitely maintain the pleasant work atmosphere we already have! We also want to continue to recognize the dedication and excellent work offered by our employees in being attentive to their needs, particularly in the sanitary circumstances we are actually living. Our objective remains of being honest and transparent in all communications done internally, so employees can be confident and happy in their work.

Your HR top priority for 2021?

Our HR top priority is to continue to face challenges with a well-adjusted and courageous attitude, improving the well-being of our employees with the different teams’ collaboration. Continue to build a resilient structure, supporting the diversity of employees and supporting them in their individual engagement and give value to their propositions.

What about you…

If you were an animal, which one and why?

Nightcrawler (underrated, hard working “offstage”)

The best time of the day?

Team meeting around 10 am. Just after the discussing about relevant topics and transactions, there is always a short moment for a coffee break and a more casual chat with the team.

The song that makes you happy?

Whatever my children like and sing.

Rather tea or coffee?

Green tea and espresso. There is no either-or.

Your motto/quote?

Triple-check your work output.

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