10 questions with Taleo : #3 Small Best Workplaces Luxembourg

10 questions with Taleo : #3 Small Best Workplaces Luxembourg

While Taleo Luxembourg has just been awarded Best Workplaces® Luxembourg in the Small Companies category, we interviewed Elizabeth Quintana, HR Coordinator at Taleo.

#1 - According to your employees, what is the reason why you are a great place to work?

Our employees consider Taleo a great place to work due to the dynamic environment that allows them to use and reinforce their knowledge and make their professional skills grow with the company. They appreciate an organization caring for the continuous improvement and gratefully considering the feedback of their employees to go further together.

#2 - What benefit the Best Workplaces® Label brings/will bring to your company?

First, it gives us the opportunity to assess our current practices, as well, the perception our employees have about the company. Then, it allows us to find the key points of improvement to always challenge ourselves to target the best for our employees. In addition, it gives us the commitment work in becoming a better place to work.

#3 - What is the strength of your company?

Our main strength is the fast growth due to the knowledge of the business, the sharp understanding of the client’s needs. We work hard to bring the best talents possible to meet our client satisfaction. To achieve that employee/client orientated mindset, we work to keep our internal culture and values: FAMILY, FUN, EXCELLENCE, at the heart of our everyday work.

#4 - What is your best internal communication tool?

The tool we use depends on the purpose of the communication, but Teams and Zoom are our best friends to communicate quickly and efficiently.

#5 - What is you HR priority for 2020?

During 2020 we are working on strategies oriented to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction. The launch of our action plan is postpone due to COVID but still planned for this year.

Let's end with a ‘Fast & Curious’…

#1 - E-mail, phone or visio conference?

Visio conference is in our culture, we haven’t wait for the COVID-19 crisis to use it regularly but this period enabled us to nurture better tips to work efficiently and stay in touch to keep the team spirit. Visio conference is definitly our best ally for EXCELLENCE!

#2 - Open-space ou closed office?


#3 - LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook?


#4 - Summer Party ou Christmas Party ?

Both of course! We cannot wait to share a moment together

#5 - Team lunchs or afterworks?

Afterworks: one of our moto is FUN remember?

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